Volkswagen ID.4

 Welcome to Faulkner Volkswagen's ID.4 ownership blog. Follow along over the next six months as we document what it is like to own and operate the all new ID.4.  We will document the things we love and the things we think could use improvement. 

I will give you a little background on myself.  I am a long time Volkswagen enthusiast and lover of all things fast that make lots of noise.  I have owned many sports cars both modified and stock.  Driving an electric vehicle is so far outside of my comfort zone.  With that being said I am very excited to see what Volkswagen can bring to the electric vehicle segment. 

I took delivery of my ID.4 about a week ago. I have put roughly 210 miles on the vehicle so far and I must say I am shocked how much I enjoy driving the ID.4.  

The vehicle has a low center of gravity due to the battery mass being at or below axle height.  This allows for a very smooth predictable driving experience especially during spirited driving into and out of corners. The driving experience will shock you as it did me. 

The cabin is quite and luxurious and as is the case with Volkswagen this is a class leading interior in both design and function. 

The exterior of the vehicle does not scream hey I am an electric car which I love.  The lines are beautiful and the fit and finish is absolutely perfect.    

As I stated before I will start to dig deeper into what it is like driving an electric vehicle every day. I am truly excited to bring you regular updates about the ownership experience. Please feel free to ask any questions about the vehicle that you may have and I will be more than happy to answer them for you.